Help Your Trees Thrive

Help Your Trees Thrive

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Do you have a tree that's diseased, leaning at a dangerous angle or infested with insects? You may not have to remove it. Our licensed arborist can inspect your trees and devise a treatment plan to resolve a wide variety of issues. Disease can be treated, insects exterminated and direction of growth corrected.

Tree Preservation And Removal By Daniel Green specializes in tree preservation services. Our experienced arborist can tell you which treatments your trees need to take care of the insects or growths that are harming them. You can also trust us to help you solve your tree's structural problems.

Contact us today to schedule tree preservation services. We'll do everything we can to extend the lives of your trees.

Check out these common tree preservation techniques

Meet with a consultant at Tree Preservation And Removal By Daniel Green to get reliable tree preservation advice. Our most effective tree preservation techniques include:

  • Cabling-using cables to stabilize trees growing in unusual ways
  • Bracing-using rods to help trees grow properly
  • Trimming and pruning-to get rid of dead and diseased limbs
  • Fungicide treatments-to help trees fight disease
  • Trunk injections-to give trees the nutrients they need

Trees that are growing in unusual ways can develop structural problems that hinder their growth in the long run. Arrange for tree preservation services by calling 337-332-2333 today.